WHOO, and with that Chapter 1 is done.

As we’re getting to know some of the lads who will be embarking on the whaleship Valor, if you’re interested in some historical context behind mens’ motivation for whaling, please see my essay on it :: here! ::

↓ Transcript
panel 1 [Josué looks at Ezra incredulously, the Ark visible in the background. Ezra is deflecting.]

You’re going to be at sea for another four years and you don’t even want to see a girl before you go?

I got some other things to take care of.

panel 2[Josué shrugs at Ezra while walking backwards towards the Ark, and Ezra waves goodbye to him.]

I’ll see you in a few days, though, yeah?

Suit yourself.

Panel 3 [long panel showing Ezra walking down a dark lonely narrow street, hands in his pockets, and wearing a troubled expression.]