Turbulent seas. Love to draw ’em. I took some creative liberties with historical accuracy in the writing of these shanty lyrics, however. In 1843, American whalers would not yet be going into the Arctic, not for another 5 years. To learn about whaling in the ice however, I wrote one of my history essays :here!:

↓ Transcript

Panel 1 and 2 [Whalers are preparing the ship to dock, taking in sails, hauling lines]

Panel 3 [A flashback image cuts through the page like a tear. It shows a ship tossed in a raging icy storm with men in the rigging desperately trying to take in the sails. The narration borders along the top and bottom of this panel]

For months the whales they did not show, leave her johnny leave her.
To the arctic seas we had to go, and it’s time for us to leave her.

Panel 4 and 5 [A gangplank is lowered from the ship, and a close up shot shows the the gangplank hitting the dock with a 'THUNK'.]