So begins a little update of some dialogue-dense pages.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Close shot of a cramped galley where the cook Ephraim Murray is holding a pan of beef and casually flicking a cockroach off the handle. A few pots are boiling and bubbling on the stove.]

Panel 2 [Ezra leans in the galley window, holding a panel and smiling over at the cook.]

What have you got Ephraim?

Since last night was duff n’ beef, I decided to vary it up for them boys. T’night: beef n’ duff.

Right, right. Well, put some here.

Panel 3[The captain approaches Ezra, holding his hand over Ezra’s bowl to keep Ephraim from forking beef onto it.]

Belay that, Mr. Murray. We missed you last evening, Mr. Carter. From now on I’d like you to dine with me and the other officers.

Panel 4 [Barzillai leans his head to the side, looking at Ezra who’s looking a bit concerned about it]

Ah…aye captain.

I understand you served as a boatsteerer on your last voyage and that this might be a strange adjustment for you. Lord knows, it’s new to me—you’re the first black officer at my table.

Panel 5 [Shot over Ezra's shoulder as Barzillai looks at him, level]

But it’s unbecoming for a mate to eat in the fo'c'sle. It undermines a man’s authority. 

Panel 6 [Barzillai angles his body slightly to turn, leaning his head to the side]

And I like to know I can trust my circle. I believe one way to build trust with a man is to dine with him. Come.