I was excited to draw cabin food! It was absolutely drawn while I was hungry…

If you want to read a historical essay about whaleship fare, I wrote one :here!:

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Establishing shot of Captain’s saloon. Seated at the table is Barzillai, Adelaide, Mathews, Ezra, and third mate Charles Allen, in order of rank.]

Panel 2 [Ezra sits somewhat uncomfortably, looking off to the side to watch the steward, John Gillipse walking behind him with a bottle of wine]

Panel 3 [Close up view of the table with a lovely spread of roast duck, fresh bread, butter, vegetables, plum puddings, and sauces in china serving dishes.]

Panel 4 [Barzillai sits next to Adelaide, taking up his knife and fork while Adelaide smiles. John pours a glass of wine for Adelaide.]

Thank you for breaking bread with me and my wife.

I’m so pleased to finally sit with you all.