I was knocking out a page every three days while I worked on this this month. That was the pace I’d hoped to maintain when I first embarked on this project, though it’s often not very easy to maintain. I’ll take it while I got it tho.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Shot over the officers' shoulders with Barzillai raising his glass to them.]

And I’m pleased to embark with you on what I am determined to make a golden voyage, and I know you feel the same. A toast, to the Valor's success!

[The following panels are a series of three, with Barzillai’s voice praising each man’s qualities]

Panel 2 [Shot of 1st mate Eric Mathews, drinking from his glass]

You were selected for your command,

Panel 3 [Shot of 2nd mate Ezra Carter, holding his glass up, still looking a bit uncertain]

Your skill,

Panel 4 [Shot of 3rd mate Charles Allen looking satisfied with himself as he holds his glass]

Tour steadiness.

Panel 5 [Barzillai looks up at the camera, holding one hand out, the other holding his lapel]

I’ve sailed with two of you much before, but Mr. Carter, you’re the new man in the fold. I’ll not have you be a stranger.