Finished this one ins 7 hours YEAAAH.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Ezra bows his head slightly, buttering a slice of bread. His posture is self conscious, out of place. On the walls, Brutality's voice is worked into the woodgrain]

They said he was a tyrant to make right what they’d done. What side would you fall on Mr. Carter? Make no mistake there ARE sides.

I ‘ppreciate the opportunity to be here, Captain.

Panel 2 [Barzillai looks over at him with a slight, intrigued smile, shot over Ezra’s shoulder]

You’re here because your reputation precedes you among whalermen. A master. Where does it begin?

Panel 3 [Ezra answers with a slight frown. Barzillai likes his answer, connects with it]

Joinin’ a whaleship at 13, I s’pose.

Ahh. 11, for me.

Panel 4 [Barzillai gets a bit lost in his own thoughts, speaking out to the air as he leans back, raising his fork]

The sea becomes our mother and father, for men like us.
It can be a cruel education, but one that makes the boldest people.

Panel 5 [Close narrow panel, close up of Ezra's eyes as he looks off to the side in sad contemplation]