The tonal values feel REALLY off with this one, but whatever, good enough, can’t win with every page. Especially ones that are so dialogue-dense. They tend to be the hardest pages for me to get looking nice.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [pulled back shot of the dining room, Barzillai spreading his hands magnanimously. Mathews is bowed over a duck leg, chewing as he speaks.]

BARZILLAI: Out here, a man’s merits are judged only on if he can fell a whale.

MATHEWS: That’s all, eh?

Panel 2 [Shot over Mathew's shoulder as he eats the drumstick, showing Barzillai and Adelaide sitting beside each other. Barzillai gestures to Mathews.]

BARZILLAI: Perhaps not all. Mr. Mathews is our master sailor. The rare merchantman who decided to leave his sleek timely ships to go a’whaling instead.

Panel 3 [Mathews leans on the table, waving the drumstick around as he speaks to Adelaide, who looks on with a neutral expression.]

MATHEWS: She looks like a damn tub and most lads on her can’t tell a sheet from a halyard or their arse from their elbow, but… figured workin’ a whaler couldn’t be worse than shovelin’ shit in Valparaiso. Pardon the language, ma’am.

ADELAIDE: You needn’t censor yourself on my account.

MATHEWS: Can’t say this about every Blubber Hunter, but somehow Mr. Waite makes the money right. Though you probably know that yourself, Missus.

Panel 4 [Mathews looks over at Ezra, leaning his elbows on the table. Ezra doesn't look at him, raising his wine glass to his lips with an indifferent expression]

MATHEWS: That Valparaiso route means I spent plenty time goin’ round the Horn. It’s like a dip in the pond now. Can you say the same, Carter?

EZRA: Know it well. A New Bedford whaler’s gotta get to the Pacific somehow.

MATHEWS: Just remember when we pass through those mean waters not to go singin’ the greenies lullabies and coddlin' 'em over a bit of weather.

Panel 5 [Mathews looks up, presumably at the captain and his wife, gesturing to Ezra]

MATHEWS: He was soft on so