So ends chapter 10. Two more chapters and then the first act will be done!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Pulled back shot of everyone at the table as Charles looks pensively at his wine glass]

I do hope, however, that this voyage is successful enough that it’ll be my last. I want to be able to watch him grow up. It’s been a fine journey with you all, but I’ve learned that land holds the sublime, too.

Panel 2 [Mathews looks a bit indifferent, picking food out of his teeth]

Pardon for sayin’, but the only works of the Lord I care t’see are the ones that can be cooked down into oil.

Panel 3 [Barzillai concluding the conversation and the meal, his plate empty before him as he decisively jabs one finger down at the table]

And that will be our iron focus, so we can bring each man here into his personal Paradise, whatever that may be.

Panel 4 [Narrow zoomed in panel showing the table spread, empty plates, crumpled napkins, silverware leaning against the edge of plates.]