Who would DO such a thing!?!?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [In the dark of the focsle, Jackson stretches and yawns in his hammock, lit by morning light coming in from the deck prism.]

Panel 2 [Pulled back shot of the focsle as Jackson blearily slides out of the hammock. In the foreground, George Lee, Apollo Delaman, and Afonso Borges are playing cards on a cluster of sea chests and drinking coffee/eating. Peter Fortune looks on, smoking a pipe]

Panel 3 [Close shot of Jackson bending to put on his shoes, still half asleep]

Panel 4 [Close up of his shoe as he goes to walk, but it's caught on something, the sole starting to rip]  

Panel 5 [The bottom of Jackson's shoe rips, and the momentum of his staggered stride sends him flopping heavily on the floor. The sole was nailed to the floor, a scrap of sole still pinned under said nail]


Panel 6 [The men playing cards quietly snicker amongst themselves as Jackson props himself up on his elbows, glancing over to see what tripped him up]

JACKSON: Whuh...

Panel 7 [Shot over Jackson's shoulder showing the nailed piece of his boot on the floorboards while he furiously looks over his shoulder and shakes his ruined boot, a ragged hole in the sole.]

JACKSON: Who nailed my BOOT?!