Panels are a bit weird in this one but, whatever, it gets the job done. Hell hath no fury like an angsty teen.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Josué stands up at the wheel, looking coy as Jackson sullenly approaches. Samuel is still sitting at the barrel, looking over his shoulder at Jackson.]

Ohh, you don't know it was I who nailed it to the boards.

Panel 2 [Jackson gets up close to him with a scowl and Josué tilts the harpoon in his direction]

Careful, boy...

Panel 3 [Jackson smacks the lance out of the way, looking irritable as Josué leans away from him out of the way of the harpoon fluke]

Do you even know how to use that?

Panel 4 [Jackson lunges, aggressively rifling through the pocket on Josue's waistcoat as Josué's pushing him back in alarm]

Ah, hey! Remember what the captain said about rows!?

Panel 5 [Jackson pulls Josué’s smoking pipe out of the waistcoat pocket, grinning at it maniacally]

Panel 6 [Jackson hurls the pipe overboard]