In preparation for the real thing in the next chapter.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Barzillai takes Adelaide’s hand as they both exit the cabin and come up on deck]

Panel 2 [Barzillai steps away from Adelaide to stride towards Mr. Mathews, who's holding a block in one hand and glancing over at the captain when his attention is called]

Mr. Mathews! We’ll be practicing boat maneuvers in preparation for the hunt. Call the men.

Aye, Captain.

Panel 3 [Mathews stands at the whaleboat davits as Barzillai looks on. Mathews is barking out an order to the surrounding men who start to gather. Adelaide, in the foreground, turns from the group and walks away with a curious expression.]

Hup! Larboard boat crews t’me!

Panel 4 [Adelaide pauses with her hands clasped in front of her, glancing over at greenhand Silas Dickey. Silas is sitting on an overturned line tub by the tryworks, picking oakum. Mathews voice is coming off camera]

Time to see if all you boys know how to pull proper.

Panel 5 [Adelaide approaches Silas, leaning down to speak to him as he glances up from his oakum picking. In the background, the boat crews are gathering around Mathews who’s holding on to the davits of one whale boat, standing up on the bulwarks]

Hello there. I’m Mrs. Waite.

Get ready to follow the boats down!