Replicating some logbook drawing vibes. I always appreciate coming across a lad who hazarded drawing some block letters that ended up looking so discordant with his regular handwriting.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Pulled back shot of two whaleboats out on the still water, Barzillai and Mathews each giving their boats commands of maneuvers]

Stern all! Back your oars!

Keep stroke greenies, keep stroke! Blades in the water all at the same time!

Panel 2 [Lawrence remains on the ship, leaning on the bulwarks and scribbling in his journal]

Panel 3 [A close up of Lawrence drawing the scene out on the water, with the header ‘practice chasing whales’]

Panel 4 [In a small panel he glances up as someone’s voice off screen has caught his attention.]

Good morning.