So ends chapter 11! And all of my character set up is also complete. Now we can take these baselines and really start getting into the meat of the story.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Adelaide looks over at Lawrence with a slight frown.]

Whaling is a lonely life regardless of the answer.

Panel 2 [Close up of Lawrence’s hand splayed on the closed cover of his journal. Adelaide’s voice comes off camera]

Whatever it is you’re looking for out here, I hope you find it. And I hope you’re able to preserve it.

Panel 3 [Lawrence has his head bowed slightly, giving Adelaide a dogged glance as she walks past him. She pauses to look out towards the horizon, wringing her hands]

Thank you, Mrs. Waite.

Panel 4 [Show the view Adelaide is looking at, of Barzillai out on the water, standing in the back of the rowboat and commanding his crew off camera in preparation of the real thing]