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↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence bows over to scrawl in his book. Ezra looks amused.]

Hah. Takin’ notes?

It’s interesting information. Do you suppose we’re in a state now where we would lower for blackfish?

Panel 2 [Ezra nodding with a slight frown, rtaking a coin from his pocket]

Think so. Everyone’s gettin’ a bit antsy. They’ll need to be satisfied with some barrels soon, no matter how few.

Panel 3 [Close up of his hand in the foreground, coin balanced on his thumb. Lawrence in the background looks at his hand with a slightly puzzled expression]

Panel 4 [Close up of Ezra flicking the coin up with his thumb]

Panel 5-8 [A series of small panels stacked atop each other as the coin flips up in the air and spins down to drop into the sea with a 'bloop']

Panel 7 [Shot over Lawrence's shoulder, Ezra smiling at him.]

What was that for?

Payin’ Old Nep for some luck. Bit o’ respect gets you a long way.