I’m putting…tremendous personal pressure on myself with these whaleboat scenes…I so desperately want to capture the spirit of the thing. We’ll see if I succeed.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Barzillai shouts over his shoulder with a snarling expression]

Clew up main and brace aback, Mr. Mathews! Starboard watch, line the boats!

Panel 2 [Barzillai steps up to Ezra, the flurry of activity behind them as men start to prep the whale boats]

Join me in the water, Mr. Carter. I want to see what you’re made of.


Panel 3 [Ezra turns, shouting across the deck with a decisive expression.]

Waist and forward boat crews! Shoes off, stand ready to lower!

Panel 4[Close up shot of some men pulling off their shoes by the bulwarks]

Panel 5 [Josué grins, slinging an arm across the shoulders of a bewildered Lawrence, pulling him over to the boats]

Come on, Manner, time for a baptism!