To learn more about the whalecraft seen in this update, I wrote another Historical Context essay :yonder:!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Barzillai's men bow forward at their oars as the captain goads them, his voice overlaid the entire page.]


What is he to you, boys? All the drink and women you can ask for? A plot of land to settle down and never touch the sea again? Whatever you see in him, it’s waiting for you, calling to you, it’s all yours if you just straighten your backs, long now, and--

Panel 2 [Close up of Joseph pulling back on his oar, breathing heavily]


Lay back heavy!

Panel 3 [Close up of the two harpoons at the bow of the boat, their points over the water that crashes over the boat's bulwarks.]

We'll plant that iron straight to its socket, if only you just row.

Panel 4 [Barzillai leans heavily on his steering oar, snarling to his men as he looks ahead at the horizon]

By god what I'll give, my boys, my killers, if only you row and you take him.