Drawing these is makin me sad…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Long panel showing the Ezra’s boat with William Williams standing at the bow with his harpoon raised. The Captain's boat bobs off to the side in the distance, the whale's back breaks the surface near Ezra's prow. Ezra murmurs instruction to William at the back of the boat]

Williams. Strike when able.

Panel 2 [Cropped shot of the prow of the boat, William darting the harpoon into the whale's side]

Panel 3 [William calls back to the company over his shoulder]

We're fast!

Panel 4 [The whale rears out of the waves in alarm with its mouth open and tail thrashing, the whaleboat getting jerked forward on the two harpoons its tethered by. The oars are peaked as William's makes move to exchange places with Ezra, who's shouting instruction]

Peak your oars and hold the line!