Sliding one more under the door for this month’s update.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [The line whizzes speedily through boat's chockpin, vibrating with the tension]

Panel 2 [Lawrence and Josué hang onto the line as the boat rushes onwards, water kicking up over the bulwarks. Lawrence is cringing with an alarmed expression as Josué cackles. Ezra, in the foreground, has left his steering oar and is rushing over the benches to get to the bow of the boat.

HahaHA! Here’s a sleigh ride for you, Manner! You don’t forget your first!

Panel 3 [Shot from behind Lawrence and Ezra as they hold the line, which is running out of the tub in spirals in the foreground. Ezra looks over his shoulder, pointing at it as he moves to switch places with Williams]

Wet that line ‘fore it burns!

Panel 4 [Close up shot of a bucket of water being dumped on the loggerhead as the rope twists around it, smoke rising from it.]