In which Ezra has a new responsibility to grapple with as a Mate.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Narrow panel showing the whale fin turning up, limp out of the waves]

Panel 2 [Ezra leans on his oar looks on at the corpse in the foreground with a dazed expression, himself and the boat covered in blood. Off camera, one of his crew addresses him]

Fin out! That the first whale you killed, sir?


Panel 3 [Shot over Ezra's shoulder as he looks up at the Captain who's pulled alongside. Barzillai looks a bit disheveled but satisfied, smiling at Ezra as he holds a loop of line in his hand]

Fine work, Mr. Carter. We'll mix up a whole bucket of switchel for you lads. Let's get the thing alongside, now, before it sinks.