Sorry that it looks like jizz, but u know…that’s where the namesake comes from.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [In the foreground, Jackson and Abnur bail spermaceti out of the whale's opened head hanging from chains off the bulwarks. Lawrence, in the background, looks on with his journal in hand.]

Panel 2 [Lawrence crouches by the severed jaw, starting to sketch it in his journal as they tryworks smoke behind him. The third mate's voice comes off camera.]

They are fascinating creatures, when seeing them for the first time.

Panel 3 [Lawrence in the foreground, glancing over at Charles in the background who’s leaning his head to the side, hands clasped behind his back]


However, before you start sketching there is work to be done. Work that, perhaps, might be inspiring to a hobbyist naturalist such as yourself.

Apologies, sir.

Panel 4 [Charles gestures to Josiah Ripley, who's come up to the two of them. Lawrence looks over at Josiah.]

Mr. Ripley, show him how to cut these horse-pieces to bible leaves.