Meanwhile, these lads.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Enoch, Luis, Silas, and Edward work the levers at the windlass, heaving a heavy chain attached to the blanket piece out of frame. Enoch leads a shanty. In the foreground, Ezra stands by Josué, looking at the other man's injured hands.]

There's some men bound for the Archer Ground to teach them whales to dance, heave away me Johnny bo-oy-oy, we're all bound to go!

Panel 2 [Closer shot of Ezra taking Josués hands, looking apologetic while Josué simply shrugs with a grin]

Sorry ‘bout your hands.

Ahhh, they’ll heal. Captain gave me five dollars for raising that whale. That takes the sting out a little.

Panel 3 [Shot over Josue's shoulder as Ezra gestures over his own in the direction of the captain's cabin. In the background, Joseph boils down blubber, while another blanket piece is also being hauled up across the deck.]

Still, you should go see Mrs. Waite. ‘Pparently she’s interested in helpin’ mend folks. She’s down in the cabin.