In a room? With the captain’s woman? And she’s gonna touch your hands? 😳

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Adelaide is sitting at the dining table below, a handkerchief over her nose and a medicine chest open before her. In the background, Josué sheepishly comes down the aft stairs, knocking on the wall to alert her]

Panel 3 [Adelaide looks over her shoulder at him and lowers the handkerchief slightly, cringing.]

Pardon me. It’s… an infernal smell. My husband was right about it getting into everything.

Panel 4 [Josué awkwardly shows her his injured hands]

Er...Uh...Second mate said you could help with this?

Panel 4 [Adelaide leans forward to look at the rope burn across his palms, frowning slightly as Josué continues to look uncomfortable.]

Oh, that looks incredibly painful. Yes, this is blood I can deal with. Please sit.