I hate what minced blubber looks like so much…hurl. But I brought this upon myself.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence and Josiah stand cut a chunk of blubber on a board lashed to the bulwarks. Lawrence starts to slice it, while Josiah holds it still with a hook. Ezra is walking down the deck towards them]

That's good Mr. Manner. Slice 'em thin.

Panel 2 [Ezra claps Lawrence on the shoulder and Lawrence pauses, looking over at him with a slight weary smile.]

First whale. How you feelin’?

Like Hell’s own butcher.

Panel 3 [Leafed blubber chunk in the foreground. Ezra is laughing as he gestures to it, and Lawrence is shrugging nonchalantly, covered in grease.]

Now, how can you think you’re in Hell when standin’ in front of all these bible leaves?

Bible leaves that we’re going to burn—I think the analogy still holds.

Panel 4 [Ezra turns away with a laugh, gesturing for Lawrence to follow him across the bloodied deck. Josiah sweeps the bible-leave'd strip of blubber off the board with his forearm into a tub full of them.]

Hah, fair enough. That tub's lookin' full. We’ll haul some more horse pieces over to ya Mr. Ripley.