As one 19th century whaler put it, ‘everything is beshit’.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Ezra and Lawrence walk along the rigigng, Ezra facing forward with a frown as Lawrence looks over at him with a slightly concerned expression.

How are you feeling, Ezra? This was a first whale for you too, no?

Panel 2 [Long panel featuring Ezra's head three times as he speaks with a frowning pensive expression, looking down at his hands before looking up at Lawrence.

I…y’know…it does feel different, cuttin this one in.

Knowin’ that it was me who did it…takin’ somethin’ so big and alive and then it’s just…nothin’.

Dunno know how I feel ‘bout that, if I’m bein’ honest with you.

Panel 3 [Ezra shrugs it off, gesturing to the deck they stand upon. They're surrounded by the butchery of the trade, tubs full of blubber, the decks soaked with blood and grease as the tryworks smoke dirtily behind them. Lawrence looks down at the decks, contemplative.

But that’s the work. That’s the whaleman’s life. Most folk don’t stay in it.
Maybe you can see why.