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↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Shot over Lawrence's shoulder as he looks down at Ezra who is taking up a line attached to a tub of chopped blubber. Ezra looks back at him with a slight frown.]

Are you really afraid every time you lower, like you said?

Every time.

Series of 4 small panels stacked atop each other, Ezra’s voice overlaid

Panel 2 [Joseph pitches a bible leave into the try pots]

Whenever you take that boat down, there ain’t never no promise you’ll come back to your bunk.

Panel 3 [Jackson bails spermaceti out of the whale's case into a bucket]

It can all be pulled from under you with a tail flick.

Panel 4 [Shot of Ezra's mother kissing his little sister's forehead, back at home]

Everythin’ you know and love, just…

Panel 5 [Close up shot of one man running a blade through a piece of blubber to chop it into leaves while another holds it in place with a hook]

...gone forever in a blink.

Panel 6 [Low angle shot, blubber tub in the foreground. Ezra looks back at it contemplatively as he slings the rope over his shoulder. Lawrence is looking over at him as he also takes up the other rope attached to the tub.]

So…when I think about it like that…I’m damn happy that it was this whale tonight and not me.