↓ Transcript

Panel 1 [Somewhere else on the ship, a hand trails along the railing of the bulwarks, dragging two fingers through the blood and grease pooled on it. The hand is cut and battered, fingernails broken, the tattered cuff of a dark coat visible too, dragging through the muck.]

Death to the living—ha!--long life to the killers…

Panel 2 [Close panel of Barzillai looking up from his surveying as Brutality's voice comes off camera].

Isn't that how your whaleman's call goes??

Panel 3 [Shot over Barzillai's shoulder shows the dark haired figure in the long black coat he saw at the start of the voyage, standing by the bulwarks. It bows its head to him, one hand to its chest.]

Panel 4 [Reverse shot from where the figure was standing. The bulwarks are in the foreground but no one is standing there any longer. Barzillai, in the background, stares long at the empty air.]

Panel 5 [Barzillai strides up to the bulwarks, jaw set, looking angry. He braces his fist against the railing, hissing between his teeth.]


Take it.

Panel 6 [Shot over his shoulder, looking down at the dark water]