Wow he hasn’t moved from those bulwarks for 3 1/2 months…..

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Open with Lawrence’s logbook, showing the date around 2 1/2 months later. The word balloon is overlaid his handwriting]


February 24th, 1844

Over three months in with no whales sighted yet, tho the Captain says we’ve reached the ‘cruising grounds.’ The waters are warmer but look no different, the same old blue as anything. That is, til we see what the whalermen call ‘white water’.

Panel 2 [Lawrence is in his same old spot on the bulwarks with his journal. Ezra's beside him, leaning on the bulwarks as well. Lawrence looks thoughtful, tapping his chin with his pencil]

So, is whalin’ all you thought it’d be?

I feel I can’t fully know until we come up against a whale. Does it usually take this long to sight one?

Panel 3 [Closer shot of Ezra speaking]

All depends. Captain goes to the places he had luck in seasons’ before, we sail ‘round, we hope for the best. Can’t really track ‘em under all that ocean though.

Panel 5 [Shot from behind the two of them as they look out at the horizon. The sun is starting to sink down to the sea.]

You just gotta look to the horizon and keep your eye out for spouts. Right whales got two goin’ up in different directions. Blackfish, goes up straight—we don’t much lower for those unless things are bad.

Panel 6 [Ezra holds up a hand with two fingers extended, angling them at a 45º angle]

And sperm whales got one spout that comes out from the water like this. That’s the one we really wanna see.