Some thematic reading. Apologies for such a brief update this month. Will try to do better in October.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Sunset up on deck. The masts cast long shadows as men are lounging on the deck or doing light work.]

Panel 2[Jackson climbs up the mainmast with a bucket of slush, music notes floating below him]

Panel 3 [Men sit on the main hatch making music. Josué, Ezra, Afonso, and and James listen while Luis and Bastien seated on a crate and barrel play a fiddle and concertina. Lawrence sweeps the deck and whistles along, playing with the cat as she tries to catch dust bunnies.]

Panel 4 [Adelaide sits on a coil of rope on deck, reading Rime of the Ancient Mariner to a rapt Joseph and Frank. On the opposite side of the ship, Samuel, Francis, and Josiah are looking over the bulwarks at something below, Francis holding a coil of rope and Josiah a harpoon.]

Adelaide: "And some in dreams assured were of the spirit that plagued us so. Nine fathom deep he had followed us from the land of mist and snow."