More than meets the eye with Mr. Manner, here.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Shot in the foreground shows Jackson’s arm on the deck, fingers rigid and shaking, the overturned slush bucket spilled on the ground. Lawrence, in the background is looking over at him in alarm, and Adelaide, further back is springing up from her seat]

Panel 2 [Slightly overhead shot of Jackson who’s alive but clutching at his leg with a terrible grimace. It’s a compound fracture, the leg oddly set, blood soaking through his pant leg, the bone seen jutting through the fabric]

Panel 2 [Adelaide beginning to turn away to fetch Barzillai, Lawrence urgently looking over his shoulder]

I’ll get the captain!

Better yet, bring the medicine chest.

Panel 4 [Lawrence kneels next to Jackson in the foreground, assessing the situation with a look of deep concern as the other shipmates come up behind him.]

Someone get a sharp knife, a saw!