So begins chapter 2, which is largely an exercise in me going ‘what is a 12 year old and how do I draw one?’.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1 [Pulled back shot shows wider view of the neighborhood Ezra is walking through. He approaches a low wooden building.]

Panel 2 [Ezra pauses outside the door, hesitating for a moment with a slight frown.]

Panel 3 [Ezra pushes the door open]

Panel 4 [Establishing shot inside his house. His mother is in the foreground cooking at a hearth. She’s partly straightening up, looking over her shoulder towards the door where Ezra stands. Ezra’s twelve year old sister, Lizzie, is also looking up from the potatoes she’s peeling for her mother with a grin]

Hi Lizzie, hi ma…

Hey Ezra!