Peeling potatoes is hard when the novelty of your rarely-seen older brother with exciting stories is only around for a few more days.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Ezra steps up to his mother, hugging her with one arm while laying a hand while Lizzie springs up in front of them both. His mother is smiling slightly, but also looking a bit upset.]

What can I do?

Table, please.

I'll help!!

Panel 2 [Ezra walking towards the table with a slight smile as Lizzie gets up to follow him, relinquishing her potatoes. Her mother calls her back to the hearth]

Ah ah. I need you over here. That potato's half peeled.

Panel 3 [Lizzie sulks back over to her potato peeling stool]

Panel 4 [Same shot only now she’s sat down and gloomily peeling potatoes again]

Panel 5 [Ezra laughs as he reaches for plates in a cupboard and Lizzie's voice comes off camera]

I don't think the soup needs potatoes, Ma.

Panel 6,7,8 [A small series of panels showing close ups of Ezra setting the table, of his soup being ladled into a bowl, and of sliced bread on the table]