A recurring conversation…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lizzie in the foreground, jokingly holding the scrimshaw tooth up to her jaw as if it was her own. Ezra and his mother are still sitting at the table, and Ezra is smiling as Lizzie goes]

Panel 2 [Ezra looks over at his mother, who has her head bowed and is rubbing the back of her neck.]

She seems good.

Panel 3 [Ma looks straight ahead of her with a weary expression as Ezra looks over at her, frowning.]

She missed you. We both did.

I know...

Panel 4 [Closer shot of his mother looking down with a sad and tired wince, pressing her fingers to her temple]

Told her stories ‘bout you the whole time so she’d still remember you when you came home. Four years…it’s so long, Ezra.

Panel 5 [Shot over Ma’s shoulder to Ezra who’s looking at his hands]

I know.

Panel 6 [same shot, but Ezra’s looking up at his mother]

But I’m doin’ this for the both of you. You know that.