Thus closes chapter 2! Everyone’s just making their families bummed out with their choices in the last week ashore.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Close shot of Ezra speaking to his mother with a slightly pained frown]

I can't throw away what I got just to start all over again.

Panel 2 [His mother bows her head, closing her eyes.]

So restless.

Panel 3 [Same shot but she's looking up at Ezra as she speaks to him, resigned]

I hate how suited to the sea you’ve become.

Panel 4 [Close up of Ezra taking her hands --folded on the table--in his own.]

Ipromise I'm workin’ towards somethin’ that's worth it.

Panel 5 [He stands leaning down to kiss her forehead]

Goodnight ma.

Panel 6 [His mom is left alone in the room, looking up at ceiling fretfully as Ezra passes through the bedroom door in the background]