Really enjoyed designing their parlor. It’s cobbled together from many rooms I’ve spent time in.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [The camera is pulled back for a longer shot, showing the two of them sitting on a couch in a well appointed parlor, with the candle burning on the end table alongside.

ADELAIDE WAITE has her legs drawn up onto the couch and a blanket over them. Adelaide is a white woman about ten years younger than Barzillai, with a slender build. Barzillai is looking over at her.]

You were drifting somewhere. Where?

Panel 2 [Barzillai gestures to the candle, and Adelaide looks up at it too.]

So much is given, for such a little thing.

Panel 3 [Adelaide frowns as she rests her cheek on Barzillai’s chest. She’s presumably still looking at the candle, though the camera is pulled in closer for her expression]

I think on that every time I light one.

Panel 4 [Barzillai sits up slightly, smiling at Adelaide who isn’t returning the expression. She’s pensively looking down]

Yet so much is received, too. Every barrel we bring back might as well be gold.

At what cost? Years away from me.