This was a struggle-page…also this chapter is just a big People Talking In Rooms chapter sorry.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [The camera is pulled back to show more of their parlor, well appointed but dark in the settling night. It’s lit by a fire and the candle. Barzillai gestures to the room, and Adelaide is sitting up to look at it.]

All this came from the sea, m’love. Every single thing wrapped around us. Our clothes. This house. The light.

Panel 2 [Adelaide pulls away from him slightly, drawing her hands close to her. Barzillai watches her.]

But you know—perhaps better anyone—that the sea isn’t always so generous.

Panel 3 [Closer shot of her speaking, her eyes downcast]

Eventually it takes what it’s owed, if one keeps daring it.

Panel 4 [Barzillai looks over at her with a frown, fingers pressed to his brow. Adelaide is sitting straight beside him, still stewing in her own feelings about the situation.]

The Valor will sail again by the end of the week. There’s nothing that can be done about that.

Panel 5 [Adelaide sighs, laying back against him.]

No, I suppose there isn’t.