oo tragic backstory hints.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Adelaide laying her hands on Barzillai’s chest, looking up at him. Barzillai looks mildly surprised/doubtful.]

But I’ve heard talk of…more progressive-minded captains bringing their families aboard for such a trip.

Panel 2 [Barzillai looks weary, bringing one arm around Adelaide’s shoulder and drawing her to him.]

Tis a miserable endeavor, Addy. And no measure of my company would change that for you.

Panel 3 [Adelaide speaks quietly as she leans back against him, looking down at her wedding ring and anxiously toying with it.]

I nearly lost you when the Mariah was wrecked. A decade agone now.. If you hadn’t come back, there would’ve been no one alive to tell what happened. I would’ve never known what became of you.

Panel 4 [Small panel, close up of her hands fidgeting with the wedding ring as her voice comes off camera]

Your death—I would grieve your death, Barzillai.

Panel 5 [She sits up again to look at Barzillai, who’s looking aggrieved by what she’s saying. He’s looking off into the distance with a frown.]

But the idea of you being lost to some unknown, to some unmeasurable stretch of time that would never bring me an answer…that is what would devastate me.