So excited to bring in a visual experiment idea I had years ago and have been just WAITING for the right project to use it for. And that is trying to replicate the sensation of hearing a ghost’s voice by working it into the environment like a little easter egg. Are you hearing snatches of something’s voice or is it just the floorboards creaking, the chains rattling, the wind, who knows, it’s hard to make out. Keep an eye out for them periodically. (;

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Pulled back shot of the two men walking down along the line of barrels, silhouetted]

I asked him what creature he took from. Said he couldn’t recall.

Panel 2 [Shot between Hanshaw and Roxbury’s backs as they approach a collection of strange darkened barrels in the corner]

Whatever it is, it’s staining the casks odd and dark.

Panel 3 [Roxbury steps in front of Hanshaw to approach the barrels, wearing a puzzled frown as Hanshaw speaks behind him.]

Done something to the planks, too.

Panel 4 [Close up of Roxbury’s shoe as he steps up to the barrels, stopping in front of the warped floorboards. They’re blackened and twisting, buckling up with their nails unhinged. Hanshaw’s voice comes off camera.]

Thought a leak was sprung, but it’s all bone dry. But it’s causing a warp all about it.

BRUTALITY: [dialogue embedded into the woodwork]
Head broken, brains out, ohhh he still held on for days but the boy was no match for a sperm whales’ flukes, but no matter, fill your coffers, ye knew him not.