The Melodrama! So ends chapter 4.


↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence splashes his face with water, bowed over the bowl]

Listen to that drivel. You’re too old and too lettered to start getting romantic about a…floating abattoir.

Panel 2 [He pulls his hands down his wet face, looking exasperated at himself.]

Well maybe I’m only going for self-destruction, then.

Panel 3 [He throws one arm to the side in a dramatic sweep as he turns back to his little room]

All I’ve left to lose is my life, I suppose! Is it a holiday? Is it an elaborate suicide? Time will tell!

Panel 4 [Snow starts to fall outside and Lawrence looks over at it out the window]

Panel 5 [View from outside the boarding house looking in to his window. Lawrence is looking outside, one palm pressed to the glass]

At least it’ll bring me somewhere warm for a turn.

Panel 6 [Long skinny panel showing a view of the darkened waterfront, going to sleep in the snowfall]