I return from a little trip to Nantucket, and the comic returns as well!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Close shot of a whaler guiding a pair of hogs with a stick up the gangway, framing cropped below his knees]

Git, git.

Panel 2 [Ezra, Josué, and Lawrence are stepping up onto the deck holding their bags. In the foreground men are seen holding bags and barrels of provisions, taking them to the proper places on the ship.]

Panel 3 [Ezra, smiling, looks over at the pair of them.]

We’ll see if the Valor’s berths are any better than the last ship.

That promotion will make ‘em better for you, anyway.

Panel 4 [Ezra starts to walk off in one direction. Lawrence looks like he’s making move to follow Ezra, but Josué is catching his arm and laughing slightly]

Haaa, not that way, amigo. You and me, we’re in the shithole