Focsle time! Time to light everything with deck prisms! If you’d like to read a history essay of mine about living quarters and where I drew my inspirations from, you can find it : here :!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Josué leads Lawrence down a narrow ladder into the dark, show some sun streaming down]

Panel 2 [Josué grins cheekily over his shoulder Lawrence as they stand below decks, the focsle entrance just ahead. Shot from behind Lawrence, over his shoulder.]

Here it is…

Panel 3 [They both enter the close focsle crowded with bunks and hammocks. Some men are putting their belongings there. Josué and Lawrence are in the foreground, Josué looking over at Lawrence with a sarcastic grin.]

Your four-year home. Three if we’re lucky.

Panel 3 [Lawrence walks among the nest of bunks and hammocks, looking up with a cautious curiosity as he brushes them aside, almost wistful. Josué’s voice comes off camera]

Take your pick! They’re all bad.