A perfectly normal ship, a perfectly adequate cabin.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Shot of Mathews’ back as he walks away, Ezra looking down at his still-outstretched hand in a manner that is weary but unsurprised.]

Panel 2 [Ezra turns back to the room, pushing the door open.]

Panel 3 [He steps inside the cabin.. It’s narrow, with a top and bottom bunk for the second and third mate, a small shelf, and Ezra's seachest in the corner. The ghost, Brutality's, voice is worked into the woodwork and background here in panel 3 and 4. Ezra doesn’t hear it.]

Ahhh, here’s a new one.

Panel 4 [Ezra runs his hand along the frame of the upper bunk, wearing a bittersweet expression as he looks at his hard-earned room.]

What does your heart look like, laddie? How will I dig my fingers into it?