So ends chapter 5! Farewell New Bedford! And with this, the comic is exactly 10% done.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Crowd on wharf cheering and raising their hats as the ship is kedged out in the background]

Panel 2 [Ezra’s mom and Lizzie in the crowd watching them go. Mom looks sad, Lizzie is waving goodbye with a slightly sad but excited smile]

Panel 3 [Roxbury and Hanshaw are standing in the crowd as well, at the front. Roxbury is tipping his hat with a slightly concerned expression, and Hanshaw has his hands stuffed in his pockets.]

To her good fortune, for all our sakes.


Panel 4 [View of the ship leaving the harbor as the sun starts to rise over the water, sails lowering. Mathew’s voice rises from the ship]

Sheet home and hoist away!