Chapter 6, another People Talking In Rooms chapter.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1 [Barzillai and Adelaide walk through the doorway into the Captain’s cabin, holding their chests of belongings.]

Panel 2 [the camera turns to show the saloon with a table in the center beneath a large skylight. Barzillai is gesturing to the table as they walk past it, Adelaide’s sightline following the sweep of his arm.]


We’ll take our meals here, with the other officers. And the cabin is this way,

Panel 3 [The cabin is a narrow room with a wash basin in a wooden stand, a twin bed tucked into the corner, and a desk. Adelaide has entered first and she’s smiling. Barzillai is behind her, looking a bit concerned and apprehensive. A dark vaguely human shape is against the wall behind him. Like previous panels, Brutality’s voice is worked into the woodgrain.]

Mmmm bringing something so lily white to a place so red, perhaps we’ll stain her soul too.

It’s actually quite cozy.

Panel 4 [Adelaide walks back up to Barzillai, who’s still looking slightly discomfited by her being there, but she’s quite content]

And the smell of it…so familiar, even though I’ve never been here before. It’s the same smell as your clothes, your hair.

The oil gets into everything. You’ll smell like a whaler, too, when you rejoin your sewing circle.

Panel 5 [Adelaide laughs, turning back towards the room]

Ha! Perhaps it’ll turn me into such a pariah among them that they won’t invite me back.