Have some more talking heads.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Adelaide breaks away from him, looking thoughtful, wringing her hands together]


I’m not sure if, at the time, I wanted you to find it so soon. Or notice it later, once you were weeks from shore. Where I would simply be some imagined woman to hold onto at sea, a fantasy, and that’s all. Sometimes I wonder if that’s what I became to you anyway.

Panel 2 [Adelaide comes back up to Barzillai who is frowning]


Do you know what else I’ve sewn into your clothes all the times they’ve come back to me, torn and battered?

Panel 3 [Shot over Barzillai’s shoulder as she reaches around to pluck at the collar of his lapel, again looking thoughtful.


Little words of affection, little protections inside the sleeves, the hem, and the lining. Did you know that?


I didn’t.

Panel 4 [Adelaide leans up to get closer to Barzillai’s height, nearly kissing him as she whispers to him. His head is bowed, looking sad.]


I’ve been with you over those years, even if you didn’t know it. And now I’m here flesh and blood. Not an imagined woman at all.

Panel 5 [Barzillai kisses her forehead, still looking sad and distant as he does so.]