What kind of man are you, Barzillai? So ends chapter 6.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Barzillai pulling back, bringing his hands to Adelaide’s face and meeting her eyes]

I’m glad you’re here with me, I truly am.

Panel 2 [Closer shot of Barzillai as he looks slightly troubled]

But I need you to know…there are…parts of myself that I leave on this ship before I come back ashore.

I can say the same, Barzillai; we all bury secrets where no one else knows to look.

Panel 3 [Panel showing a shot of the ship’s rigging outside, Barzillai’s dialogue coming as a voiceover.]

I don’t doubt the resiliency you’ve had to have, Addy. I don’t doubt that you’ve had your own experiences that have hardened you while I was gone.

Panel 4 [Panel showing men working on the deck, Barzillai’s voice still coming off screen]

You called these ships floating cities. There’s a truth to that.

Panel 5 [Panel of harpoons being sharpened on a grinding wheel. Barzillai’s voice over continues.]

And for order to be maintained over so many years at sea, one has to be firm in his command. In his discipline.

Panel 6 [Pulled back shot through the doorway of the cabin, Barzillai taking Adelaide’s hand and looking down pensively]

I only hope that your time in this kingdom won’t cause you to think less of me.