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↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Mathews bows towards the two boys, scowling. Silas looks like he's holding back vomit, and Jackson is looking at the first mate defiantly.]

MATHEWS: What’s oakum? Hell. Maybe if you reach ‘tween your ears you’ll find some where your brain’s supposed t’be.

Panel 2 [Shot over Mathews shoulder as Ezra comes up behind him.]

EZRA: It’s old fibers. We use it to caulk the seams.

Panel 3 [Ezra looks at the two boys, pointing his thumb over at a group of others behind him (Samuel Nelson and Afonso Borges) sitting on the deck unraveling ropes]

EZRA: See those others, green as you? They’re pullin’ old rope apart—-that’s what the mate’s askin’ of you.

Panel 4 [Ezra stepping back as Mathews roughly pulls Silas and Jackson to their feet]

MATHEWS: That’s right. So you bring your arse to anchor over there and join ‘em.

Panel 5 [Mathews looks over at Ezra as Ezra’s starting to walk away.]

MATHEWS: I know you’re new to this, but you needn’t hold any lads’ hands here. They gotta come out from behind their mother’s skirts n’ figure it out.

EZRA: Showin’ someone how the work is done gets the work done faster, Mr. Mathews