It’s Centipede Time!

Pranking each other was a continual pastime aboard whalers. To read about the various practical jokes lads would play upon each other, you can read my historical context essay :here:!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence holds the tankard up to his nose, scrutinizing it. Josue comes up beside Ezra, grinning]

Panel 2 [Same shot. Lawrence puts the tankard to his lips. Josue's grin has widened and he's raising his eyebrows.]

Panel 3 [Lawrence sputters, shocked and dropping the tankard]

Panel 4 [Show the spilt cup on the deck between his feet, spilled wine and two centipedes writhing around in it.]


Panel 5[Lawrence recoiling, Ezra and Josue laughing alongside him]

Wooooghhhhh, God!