They’ll love each other eventually.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Shot of Lawrence looking sour at them, Ezra grinning and Josué recovering from his laughter next to him.]

Weren’t a lie, really. The bugs get into all of it, includin’ the medicine chest.

That's not a cure.

Panel 2 [Ezra claps Lawrence’s back, good natured, while Lawrence stares off with an ill expression]

Forgot you were sick for a moment though, yeah?

Time's the cure, Mr. Manner. Settin’ your eye on the horizon helps too. And remember, seasickness never killed no one.

Panel 3 [Lawrence wearily drags his hands down his face and leans his elbows back on the bulwarks as Josué and Ezra walk away from him.]

Now he won't believe a thing you tell him.

He will when he's got an oar in his hand, scared for his life.

Panel 4 [Ezra rubs the back of his neck, looking back at Lawrence]

Couple'a weeks, I'm sure Mr. Manner will do fine. I’m sure they all will.

Panel 5 [Both Ezra and Josué look up, alert, at a voice that comes off screen]

All hands amidships!