House rules.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Splash panel the length of the page of the captain speaking in profile. Panels 2-5 are stacked up beside him.]


For those of you first at sea you'll learn soon enough, your eyes will be only for that leviathan and your ears will be only for your captain, your officers. Any man who sees white water will sing out; to do otherwise would be mutiny.

Panel 2 [Shot of the greenhands all standing, Lawrence among them, Captain's voice off camera.]

I'll have no idlers. If you're seasick, you'll work it off. If you’re tired, you’ll work yourself into waking. If you don't work, you’ll idle in irons.

Panel 3 [Smaller panel, Barzillai in the background as one whaler, Joseph O'Reilly, whispers to another James Barnard]

No idlers ’cept that wife of his.

Panel 4 [Shot of other crewmembers.Mathews and Ezra both in the frame, as well as the carpenter, Enoch Brown and foremast hand Abnur Wright. Barzillai's voice is off camera.]

And I'll have no fighting; you have a grievance you bring it to me.

Panel 5 [smaller panel of Captain’s snarling expression]

Any man who takes a swing at another will get the cat o' nine, and I swear to God above I’ll beat the beating out of you.