Speeches cont’d.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Captain gesturing to all gathered, pointing at the deck.]

I want so much oil in this hold that the sea will spill over her sides as we roll low into New Bedford. So much oil across this deck you won't have to lift your feet to cross it.

Panel 2 [He points out across the water, whaleboats hanging in frame]

I want the waters ‘round us to boil crimson every chance we get.

Panel 3 [Captain speaking to crew in frame with a scowl]

You'll wear oil, taste oil, breathe oil. You'll dream of cutting in and trying out and you'll wake to do it all over again, and the sooner it's done the sooner that oil will be money in your pockets, lads.

Panel 4 [Captain turns away from the crew looking contemplative]

They call the Valor a legend, and don’t any of you dare taint her name. We're bound for a greasy and vicious voyage; if we keep our hands clean there'll be no seeing home.

Panel 5 [Shot over his shoulder, his head turned slightly to call back to the crew.]

Mates, choose your watches.